What is Buah Merah Mix?

Buah Merah Mix is a healthy and refreshing juice drink, enriched with Natural Anti-Oxidant (Beta-Cryptosanthin) that boosts the immune system. It contains 30g powdered mix of pure organic, non-toxic and all natural ingredients of buah merah fruit, mangosteen, guyabano, barley, moringa (or malunggay), wheat grass and stevia as sweetener.
100% SAFE, ONA (Organic, Non-Toxic, All Natural)100% NO SIDE EFFECTS, NO OVERDOSE, NO CONTRAINDICATIONSFR No. 143600LTO No. CFRR-NCR-FT-264HALAL Certified production plant

Gives Extra Energy & Improves StaminaBoosts the Immune SystemFights Cancer CellsDNA RepairReduces Bad CholesterolNormalize Blood Sugar LevelDetoxifies the BodyIncrease Passion and FertilityHelps for DigestionAntioxidantsAnti-inflammatoryAnti-Aging

BUAH MERAH MIX will help those suffering from
High CholesterolAlzheimer’s DiseaseCancer TumorsAsthmaBronchial ProblemDiabetesProstrate ProblemPoor MemoryConstipationStrokeUrinary Tract InfectionWeak BodyAnemicBack…

WORK UP Chocolate Drink

- an Immune System Booster drink for Men and Women with POWERFUL Active Natural Ingredients: tongkat ali, gingko biloba, horny goat weed, macaroot, saw palmetto, dark chocolate and stevia.

- Increases Energy Level
- Improves Bone Health and Muscle Gain
- Helps Prevent Prostate Problem
- Relieves Menstrual Issues and Menopause
- Promotes Sexual Function, Libido and Fertility
- Helps Balance Hormones
- Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases
- Helps Improve Mental Health
- Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression

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PEARL Whitening Products

Pearl White Lotion – Get instant fairness! Pearl White Lotion contains the luxurious ingredient of freshwater pearl extract that will provide skin with a natural and youthful glow. It is rich in nutrients that are essential for healthy skin, these help to restore balance and to promote skin regeneration. Making skin smooth, bright supple and naturally beautiful.
Pearl White Whitening Shower Gel – Indulge your skin with the nourishing body wash which will invigorate your body as your rinse-in moisture. Formulated with a blend of naturally derived mild surfactants that are not harmful and irritating to the skin and carefully chosen whitening & moisturizing ingredients. Pearl white shower gel will leave your skin feeling soft & radiant.
Shea Butter Bath – Experience the nourishing formula of the Shea Butter Bath! Designed to pamper and to protect even dry or sensitive skin. Keeps your skin hydrated & soft. Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of Shea Tree t…

IZUMI Water Ionizer

Izumi Kangen Alkaline Water is healthful water created from Izumi’s innovative water technology. These devices do not only filter your tap water, but also produce ionized alkaline and acidic water through electrolysis. The different types of water can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.
Devices from Izumi produce five different types of water. These water types have many health benefits. Izumi Alkaline Ionizer JL888H transforms drinking water into a way to detoxify. It eliminates the need for supplementary antioxidant and is a purer alternative to chemically derived detoxifiers.It has an adjustable pH that lets water effectively wash out toxins that can cause cancer to the body. Aside from IZUMI’s mild alkalinity, its adjustable pH buttons can also be set on acidic levels. It’s a digital water ionizer with user-friendly push buttons that lets you adjust the pH levels from alkaline (high 7-10pH) to acidic (low pH). Filtered water may also be p…


Look Younger, the SAFE and Natural way
REVITAN- the skin care deluxe series
Tomatoes are an important ingredient in most beauty treatments. They help cure large pores, treat acne, soothe sunburn, and revive dull skin. The antioxidants in tomato, especially lycopene, fight cellular damage and skin inflammation. Tomatoes contain both vitamin C and vitamin E. 

Tomatoes also improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen – thereby slowing down the signs of aging. And the lycopene in tomatoes can act as a sunscreen. This is another reason tomatoes are added to certain body massage oils to eliminate stress on the skin. 

1. Face & Body Soap
2. Facial Toner
3. Sunscreen Cream SPF 45++++
4. Night Cream

Tomato Benefits:
- Helps shrink large open pores
- Helps prevent acne
- Controls excess oil
- Lightens skin tone
- Clear blemishes
- Helps removes dead skin cells
- Helps delay skin aging

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Ashitaba originated on the Island of Hachijo, Japan, but is now widely cultivated anywhere in the world since its health properties was discovered. Its scientific name is Angelica Keiskei and its English name is Tomorrow’s Leaf.
Tomorrow’s Leaf is a green, celery-like plant that is related to the Angelica genus family. It grows at an average height of 50 -120 cm and can survive through modest conditions with temperatures ranging 12-22 degrees.
Ashitaba also has a regenerative capabilities, which it exhibits when its stems are damaged. Harvesting a leaf from this Japanese plant’s nomenclature stems can result in a new sprout growing the next day.

This plant is traditionally seen as a major cause of healthier lives in the local residents of Hachijo. Due to this perception, the plant has been dubbed as a “longevity herb”, which was also backed up by various scientific studies which suggests that ashitaba’s diverse biological activities can affect the human body positively.

Here are 20 amazin…

ONA Care Herbal Toothpaste

it cleans teeth, fights cavities, prevents plaque, keeps gums healthy, and freshens breath. It is made with five of nature's effective oral care ingredients - Buah Merah, Bee Propolis, Piper Betel Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Tea Tree Oil.No SLS, No Parabens, No Flouride. Safe for Children, also recommended for sensitive teeth and gums.

Buah Merah High in Calcium to strengthens the teeth and has natural anti-bacterial effect. Bee Propolis  Inhibits oral bacteria and fungal infections like candidiasis, removes inflammation, associated with Periodontis and prevents plaque formation. Piper Betel Extract  Prevents the development of plaque formation and eliminates bacteria causing bad breath. Aloe Vera Extract Whitens the teeth. Helps clean teeth and fights cavities Tea Tree Oil  Has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in the oral cavity.

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