Ashitaba originated on the Island of Hachijo, Japan, but is now widely cultivated anywhere in the world since its health properties was discovered. Its scientific name is Angelica Keiskei and its English name is Tomorrow’s Leaf.

Tomorrow’s Leaf is a green, celery-like plant that is related to the Angelica genus family. It grows at an average height of 50 -120 cm and can survive through modest conditions with temperatures ranging 12-22 degrees.

Ashitaba also has a regenerative capabilities, which it exhibits when its stems are damaged. Harvesting a leaf from this Japanese plant’s nomenclature stems can result in a new sprout growing the next day.

This plant is traditionally seen as a major cause of healthier lives in the local residents of Hachijo. Due to this perception, the plant has been dubbed as a “longevity herb”, which was also backed up by various scientific studies which suggests that ashitaba’s diverse biological activities can affect the human body positively.

Here are 20 amazing health benefits of Ashitaba Leaves:
1. Strengthen the immune system. Ashitaba leaves contain vitamin C which plays the important role in immune system. It can strengthen the immune system to minimalize the disease happens.

2. Act as detoxify agent. Ashitaba leaves contain chalcones which can act as the detoxifying agent. It helps to cleanse the blood from any toxic substances.

3. Regulate the blood pressure. It benefits to regulate the blood pressure come in several mechanisms. Ashitaba contains chalcones which have the diuretic function to lower the high blood pressure. It contains also potassium mineral which controls the heart muscle contraction and the blood pressure.

4. Control the blood sugar level and prevent diabetes. The health benefits of Ashitaba leaves to control the blood sugar level come from the saponin content in Ashitaba leaves. This substance replaces the sugar that the body needs with a good one. If the blood sugar level can be controlled well, diabetes can be prevented as the outcome.

5. Keep the pH balance in the body. The alkalinity of Ashitaba leaves can keep the pH balance in the body. It can reduce the acidity within the body to protect the body from any diseases.

6. Act as the antibacterial agent. Ashitaba leaves are rich in chlorophyll which acts as antibacterial agent. It helps to kill bacteria in the body so the recovery process runs quickly.

7. Help to prevent cancer. Ashitaba leaves are rich in antioxidant with the xanthoangelol content. Antioxidants work to fight free radical which makes cancer. It can help to prevent stomach cancer, duodenal cancer, and skin cancer.

8. Increase the body metabolism. Still with its chalcones, Ashitaba leaves have the benefits to boost the metabolism rate within the body.

9. Aid to weight loss. The alkalinity in Ashitaba leaves is good for the diet. It can control the appetite and the glycoside compound can replace the sugar that the body needs.

10. Act as an anti-inflammatory agent. The chalcones compound in Ashitaba leaves brings the anti-inflammatory effect for the body. It brings the health benefits to prevent arthritis, rheumatoid, and any other inflammation disease.

11. Help in premenstrual syndrome. Ashitaba contains chalcones substance which can reduce dysmenorrhea (pain related menstruation). This makes Ashitaba leaves is best to consume during premenstrual syndrome to bring the comfort.

12. Help to reduce muscular and joint pain. The chalcones compound in Ashitaba leaves also has the mechanism in reducing the pain whether for muscular or for joint. It helps to make gout or arthritis disease feeling better.

13. Help to overcome the gastrointestinal disorder. Ashitaba leaves have an alkalinizing effect which can reduce the acid secretion in the stomach. This can help to overcome gastrointestinal disorder such as gastrointestinal reflux, acute or chronic gastritis, and duodenal ulcer.

14. Help to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce LDL. Ashitaba leaves helps to increase HDL come from its fiber content which can also reduce the LDL.

15. Prevent anemia. Ashitaba leaves uses to prevent anemia come from its iron content. It helps in red blood cell and hemoglobin formation.

16. Prevent constipation. The chalcones ingredients in Ashitaba bring the health benefits to prevent constipation. Chalcones act as the laxative agent which facilitates the smooth digestion.

17. Help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, and dementia. Ashitaba leaves contain a substance that can increase the production of nerve growth factor. This protein brings the health benefits of Ashitaba leaves to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, and dementia through its mechanism which can reduce the nerves degeneration. Nerve growth factor maintains the healthy connection between the nerves and the brain

18. Accelerate the wound healing. The chlorophyll in Ashitaba leaves helps in wound healing process to run faster.

19. Help to increase the concentration and attention. Ashitaba leaves contain vitamin B12 which can increase the concentration and attention. This vitamin works for brain and nerves system in order to work well.

20. Act as anti-aging. The chalcones compound in Ashitaba leaves help to reduce degeneration process in the body. If this happen, the anti-aging effect will be followed by the health benefits of Ashitaba leaves.


Guyabano  (English: Soursop) comes from the Graviola tree. For a long time the fruit, leaves and bark from the tropical Guyabano tree have been used as a natural medicine for many illnesses.

Health benefits:
  • Helps respiratory issues such as asthma or cough.
  • Reduces pains and inflammations
  • Reduces headaches & migraines.
  • Prevents intestinal upset, constipation, and stomach distress.
  • Reduces fever.
  • Helps Iron deficiency
  • Helps urinary tract infections (UTI).
  • Energy booster.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Increase of anti-oxidant in the blood
  • Keep bones healthy
  • Prevents anemia
  • Prevents leg cramps
  • Prevents pregnancy complications

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